Welcome to EFAFA TECH

We at EFAFA TECH wants to bring good and affordable environmental products to the world. Among the ways, we do this by introducing our own developed e-cloudsystem which perfectly suit to university hostel usage and introduce more and more green products such as LED to minimize the heat dissipation. EFAFA Tech wants to help customers live a more sustainable life at home. That is why we are now expanding our products with security system which include door access control system, CCTV and etc.

EFAFA Tech invests 2 years time for the development of the company's e-cloud system which helps customers accessing home/office with ease anytime and anywhere. Our pride e-cloud system is best suits in current hostel system and helps to reduce of complicated human processing and minimize the usage of papers. The e-cloud system is link with the door access and security systems such as CCTV and alarm system.

Beside the e-cloud system, we at EFAFA Tech also follow government policy by introducing more and more green products such as LED. The benefit of LED is less heat dissipation and longer life span and most important is less power consumption. With the lesser heat dissipation and less energy consumption, only then we can live happily in the world free of hazardous.

Furthermore, we as an intelligent partner launching the SMART INTELLIGENT PANEL that enable presentation, meeting, confrence call easy and effective.


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